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    - 獲取支持 -

    Respect for customers, understanding customers, continue to exceed customer expectations of products and services, customers are always partners. This is what we have always insisted and advocated the service concept.

    Service quality is the external carrier of the core competitiveness of enterprises, which directly affects the economic efficiency and long-term development of enterprises. Advanced concepts and solid action is the key to improving service quality.

    First, establish a "customer-centric" business philosophy: We have done the work, all the equipment, all employees are in customer service, our pursuit of service quality is to ensure customer satisfaction; our work performance metrics Is the customer satisfaction.

    Second, our goal is to exceed customer needs, not just to meet customer needs. Customer first priority, attention to service details, the needs of customers prior to the company's internal needs; priority to take care of the immediate customers and the phone; to customers have been valued by the feeling;

    Third, be good at discovering and creating demand. Sale of services recommended, after-sales service tracking (maintenance, sales), sales began after-sales.

    Fourth, the correct face of customer complaints, and sincerely accept the customer complaints, criticism, to allow customers to express it easily, and try to resolve all the complaints, to find ways to improve services.